Criminals mock police who chased them, leaving sarcastic note - yet officers end up with the last laugh

Pat Droney
Law Enforcement Today
November 19, 2023

ROWLETT, TX - In today’s edition of stupid criminal tricks, we offer two rocket scientists from Texas who thought they had gotten the best of Rowlett’s finest, however, police had the last laugh.

Blaze Media reported our two heroes, suspects in an armed robbery and an attempted armed robbery, left a message mocking them as they rode around in a stolen car. According to investigators, the dynamic duo had targeted shoppers at a local Walmart over a few days.

“Our first victim, he was loading his groceries here at the parking lot, and he was approached by a suspect at gunpoint,” Rowlett Police Corporal Jaqueline Vergara told reporters. “Pointed a gun at him and demanded to have his wallet.”

The incident was captured on the victim’s dash camera for the incident that occurred just before 9:00 pm on November 7. Police said the duo drove away in a stolen Hyundai Elantra and used credit cards they had stolen from the victim.

Shortly afterward, police recovered the stolen vehicle, however, the pair of criminals left a message.

“We had fun!”

The two escaped after engaging police from another city in pursuit, during which they reached speeds of up to 100 miles per hour.

Another message on the car read, “3 Police Chase rly.”

According to authorities, it is believed the two male suspects had been inside the Walmart with a female juvenile just before the time of the robbery.  A video of the suspects was released to the public, hoping for help in identifying the pair.

Two days later, the same suspects were believed to have tried another armed robbery at the same Walmart, this time in the morning at around 10 a.m.

“Same kind of thing, the second victim was loading his groceries. He gets approached by the same suspect at gunpoint demanding his wallet, but this time they’re in a red Hyundai Sonata,’ Vergara told reporters. “That vehicle is also stolen, stolen out of DeSoto, and we see a pattern that they’re aiming for Hyundai vehicles. The way we think they are entering these vehicles is by smashing the back right rear window.”

In that case, the suspects fled after the victim threatened to call 911.

Releasing videos of the suspect later paid off for the police department as tips from the public led to the identification and arrest of one of the suspects, Patrick Taylor, 17. The other suspect has also been identified but isn’t yet in custody. He was identified as 21-year-old Dwane Broadnax, who remains at large.

Police said the female juvenile was dropped off by suspects before the robbery, and she is not a suspect in the incidents.