They have our backs, now it’s our turn to have theirs. Vote YES this November to support our first responders and keep Arizona safe.


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falling recruiting

There’s a national crisis in law enforcement affecting just about every agency in Arizona: we don’t have enough new recruits to fill the shoes of the people who are retiring. Police are on the front lines of this shortfall, but corrections officers, firefighters, and EMTs are also in short supply. The reason is straightforward: people entering these dangerous professions have lost confidence in political leadership that expects them to put their lives on the line for the public, but refuses to stand behind them when it matters. 

In November of 2024, voters in Arizona and elsewhere will have the opportunity to stand up, shoulder to shoulder with our first responders, and take a strong step towards ensuring Arizona’s first responders know that our citizens are behind them by voting to Back the Blue.

First Responders Are There for You.

Can they Count on You to be There for Them?

Hundreds of police, firefighters, corrections officers, and EMTs are badly injured or even killed by assaults sustained in the line of duty. It has to stop. Passing Back the Blue on the ballot sends a strong statement to any would-be future assailants that they will not get off with another hand-slap, there will be real, life-altering consequences to their actions. And Back the Blue ensures that the families of fallen first responders have the support they need to keep their family together in its time of crisis.

This November, by voting to support Back the Blue on the Arizona ballot, you have the power to send a clear message to first responders and criminals alike: no more. We won’t tolerate attacks on the people who protect us anymore, and we will stand behind the families of the fallen.

Your support for Back the Blue can and will make the difference.




February 20, 2024

Back the Blue Gives Arizona Voters the Chance to Stand with First Responders

This November, voters will decide on a ballot measure designed to support Arizona first responders. The measure, known as the Back the Blue Act, strengthens criminal penalties for assaulting a first responder and increases survivor benefits to the families of first responders who are killed in the line of duty.

January 19, 2024

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January 17, 2024

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