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Celia Lowry


With three sons serving in Arizona law enforcement, our “Back the Blue” Ballot Measure Co-Chair Celia Lowry is the embodiment of the belief that it’s the entire family that serves. Her sons have a cumulative 35+ years in Arizona law enforcement.


A proud citizen of Arizona for 65 years, Lowry graduated from local public schools and community colleges and has been a dedicated wife, mother, and grandmother, whose children and other family members serve as Arizona First Responders. Hearing continually of the increased violence targeting Arizona’s First Responders, Lowry’s family support now becomes public activism, with her Co-Chairmanship of the  “Back the Blue” Ballot Measure.


“Every time I hear on the television or radio of an attack against an Arizona First Responder, or I get a call from another First Responder family, my heart stops. That’s why I’m dedicating my full efforts to work with Arizona Legislators, First Responder Families, and voters throughout Arizona, to get the ‘Back the Blue’ Ballot Measure on the November 2022 ballot -- and to pass it overwhelmingly," said Lowry.

Sal DiCiccio


Phoenix City Councilman Sal DiCiccio has been the taxpayer's champion, exposing waste, favoritism and public unions finagling huge pay increases during the worst recession in most of our lives. He has pushed for managed competition for non-core city services, more transparency in procurement and in government in general and lower taxes, including ending the recently passed new food tax.


Councilman Sal DiCiccio was appointed by the Mayor and Phoenix City Council to fill out the term of Councilman Greg Stanton on February 10, 2009. DiCiccio was elected to a full term of his own in November 2009. He was previously elected to the Phoenix City Council in 1994 and 1998.

As councilmember, DiCiccio lists his three goals as job creation, improved public safety, and neighborhood preservation. His support from diverse audiences, such as dozens of neighborhood leaders, public safety organizations and business groups demonstrate DiCiccio's willingness to listen and forge creative solutions for all involved.


“We used to recruit about a 1,000 a year to the Phoenix police academy. Last year – 56. We’re at least 1,000 police short and it’s getting worse every day. The ‘Back the Blue’ Ballot Measure gives Arizona voters the chance to change narrative and tell everyone, Arizona stands with our first responders. That will help with First Responder recruitment and retention," stated DiCiccio.

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